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Not where we are?  It doesn't matter....we'll work with you wherever you are.

All of our delivery guarantees still extend to you.  How can we do it?  It turns out we pay UPS and the USPS to do the heavy lifting.  On the "Tools, Forms and Specials" page, you're able to download a pre-paid mailing label.  Tape it on your box containing your case and mail it down to us.  It comes to us from wherever you are in a couple of days.  We get to work on it immediately.  A small (and we mean SMALL) delivery charge appears on your bill and your case is back to you in time for the patient's appointment. We don't care where you are, we can do your work.  Currently, we are serving dentists in the great states of Alaska and Montana in addition to our local clients.  We could use a business trip elsewhere, Oregon rains a lot in the winter.  Send us your work so we can come visit.

19365 S.W. 65th Ave., Ste. 208, Tualatin, OR 97202    

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