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Since opening our doors over 40 years ago, we have understood that each crown we make is as individual as the person receiving it. A key component is the partnership between the lab and dentist. We understand that to create a product that will fit perfectly and look beautiful in the mouth happens only with an understanding of the personal style and preferences of the doctor who is laying the foundation upon which the restoration will be built.

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Service Oriented

Purposely keeping a customer-focused approach also means that we foster loyalty among our staff to reduce turn-over and maintain product consistency. The technician making your crown is available to discuss with you any aspect of your case. In addition, we offer value-added options such as the ability to accept most digital files, flexibility for rush cases and pick-up and delivery in our local service area.

Product Driven

We are not a large dental lab for a reason. We know that being all things to all people makes you a “jack of all trades but a master of none.” Our size enables us to keep current with the new trends in dental laboratory technology, such as digital design and the creation of 3D models in house, as well as the ability to offer you the most current materials and production methods.

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